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I recently decided to give our master bedroom a face-lift as it was well, my favourite colour, but very grey. I wanted to add a touch of colour and started off adding some items that made the overall picture come to life. Herewith some easy updates to make to your bedroom that will add a touch of pretty to your space.

Easy updates to make to your bedroom

It really helps if you have more or less the same colour palette throughout your home as you can swap things like carpets and even sometimes curtains from one room to another without spending any additional monies. The carpet that I swapped was from another room and some of the art prints.

The only new item(s) that I will consider adding to my room in future will be some new curtains. I have started looking at some options and found some curtains online at that looks like they will be the perfect match to this space.

Bafore & After Scandinavian bedroom inspiration

My whole move to a Scandinavian bedroom started with a deer antler jewellery hook that I purchased at Atelier 8 in Haarlem. It is such a lovilee decor and gifting store that is totally worth a visit should you ever find yourself in The Netherlands.

Deer antler wall hook

1. New Scatters

Scatters are an easy way to bring a totally new look into your bedroom. Whether you opt for pops of colour, interesting geometric shapes or patterns. I have found the perfect scatters, or at least… they found me! After I initially posted a sneak peek of my updated bedroom and mentioned that I was still in search of the perfect scatters for the bed Cecil from Cameron Collective contacted me. He said he had an option for me and sent a pic… I could not have found any scatters any more perfect. Thank you for this amazing gift!!!! Show them some looooove their store is filled to the brim with curated prettiness that includes more scatter cushions and their service is impeccable!!!

Scatter cushions from Cameron Collective

2. Art

The second way to add a mood or different feel to your bedroom is with art. You can opt for one large print, a photo, even printed wallpaper or a collection of a few pieces together. My makeover started with the peonies watercolor image that I purchased as a blank drawing from Lumina Creative Studio after attending one of her watercolor workshops. I painted it and decided that that was the colours I wanted to use for my bedroom update.

I purchased an 115cm IKEA Mosslanda Picture Shelf from Kids Living that we added above the bed instead of using a traditional headboard. The ‘LOVE’ printable was purchased from Match Set Love and the art print from Elsje Designs.

Easy updates to make to your bedroom
Bedroom Art Watercolor painting

On the side wall of my bedroom I had a lunar print by Amy Keevy framed.

Amy Keevy lunar art print

3. Updated bedding

At first, I decided on trying to find a new duvet cover but after searching for a lovilee burnt orange / blush coloured set and not finding anything that I liked I stumbled across a stunning Quilt walking into Woolworthss one day. It was just perfect. I have it over the foot end of the bed, and sometimes over the whole bed, but it just adds a teeny tiny bit of colour that just brings the watercolour painting and the room together.

Easy updates to make to your bedroom

4. Paint

Even though the colours of the walls were very similar to the colour I decided to paint again, my newly discovered favourite ‘Natural White’ colour from Dulux still made a difference. The colour is amazing and the Matt look of the EasyCare paint just softens the walls and overall look of the bedroom.

Easy updates to make to your bedroom

5. New side-tables or pedestals

This is where I decided to go the unconventional route, having 2 totally different bedside tables in different colours. (Thank you bestie Match Set Love for your help!). I wanted a side table that I could STYLE, and I knew that my hubby needed something closed to hide his papers and books and goodies. So if you decide to do this, don’t just do something half different, make it totally different!

My black u-trolley side table is from and my hubby’s closed white locker is a Sugar Cube from Popstruckt. **Note that both these items came flat pack and you need to assemble them from scratch. The bunny planter was a gift from gonk.

Easy updates to make to your bedroom
Easy updates to make to your bedroom

Popstrukt Sugar Cube side table

6. Updated Bedside lamps

One of my favorite updates to the room has to be the totally scandi inspired contrasting black bedlamps that are wall-mounted. From the first moment I lay eyes on these pretties I knew I had to have them. I love the fact that they are wall-mounted and cannot be moved from the perfect spot I place them on the side tables, they just are where they need to be now. They can’t be knocked over or anything and are totally functional. They are by Emerging Creatives but I purchased them on a sale via There are also matching wall mounted bedside tables available.

Wall mounted bedside lamps by Emerging Creatives from

Unchanged items in the room
On the opposite side of the room is my dressing table – a refurbished DIY project of an old sewing table. I literally added a lick of paint, loose mirror and new handles to the drawers. See the full DIY in this link. I received a really really awesome cement ring holder by WJ Collection from Dominique (who also took the before images) and it now has a special place on the dresser.

The washing basket (drum) is from Pedersen+Lennard.

Vintage sewing table dresser with laundry bin from Pedersen Lennard
Vintage sewing table dresser with laundry bin from Pedersen Lennard

When you enter the door I have some really functional wooden wall hooks from Simply Home, and off-course don’t go anywhere without my Turkish Towels by The Cotton Company from Orejen.

Wall hooks from Simply Child with Turkish Towels
Wall hooks from Simply Child with Turkish Towels

Thank you to Melanie Wessels Photography for these lovilee images of my updated space.

Easy updates to make to your bedroom

Also see the rest of my home tour

The before images are by Hello Love Photography and the new ones from Melanie Wessels Photography.

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with Superbalist according to my disclaimers and disclosures, but as always my honest opinion. I received a voucher to spend on literally my favorite on-line store –

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      Thank you, this is now my happy space

  2. Everything looks so pristine and clean, and well put-together. And the updates you made are literally night and day. Love what you did with your master bedroom.

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      Thank you! I am so happy with how the space turned out and the costs were minimal on this revamp

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