Canon Zoemini S Instant Camera printer review

After the launch of the Canon Zoemini Pocket photo printer (which I reviewed before) in 2018, Canon released the new product range of all-in-one instant camera printers are the perfect pocket-sized companions for encouraging creativity with easy to print, peel-and-stick photos on the go, namely the Canon Zoemini C and the Zoemini S.

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What is the differences between the Zoemini C & the Zoemini S?

Both of these devices can take actual photos and print them directly. They come with a front-mounted mirror and ring-light to lighten up selfies.

Zoemini C Zoemini S
5-megapixel camera with a Micro SD card slot.
4 vibrant colors – Bumble bee yellow, Bubble gum pink, Mint green and Seaside blue.
8-megapixel camera with a Micro SD card slot.
3 Insta-worthy colors – rose gold, matte black and pearl white.
Uses Bluetooth® and the Canon Mini Print App to print images from your smart device, with filter and collage options.
The Canon Mini Print App operates the remote shutter function, simplifying group shots via the self-timer.

Canon Zoemini S Review

What will you receive in the Canon Zoemini S instant Camera Printer box?

  • A Canon Zoemini S instant Camera Printer.
  • A pack of 10 sheets of Canon ZINK™ Photo Paper that will get you started. (Additional paper is available to purchase in packs of 20 or 50.)
  • A USB charging cable for the Zoemini S.
  • A 1 page user manual with picture instructions.
  • A wrist strap

My Canon Zoemini S Review

Plus points

  • This instant camera printer is really quite small, you can slip it into your pocket or hand bag just to whip it out at an opportune time to instantly print your magic moments, wherever you are! It easily fits into the palm of you hand.
  • This camera also make use of the 5 x 7.6cm, ink-free Zink™ technology paper which delivers smudge-proof, tear-proof, water-resistant and sticky-backed photos to print on the move. This also means that you never ever have to purchase cartridges or inks for your photos to print.
  • The printer paper is tear proof and comes with a sticker backing, so no need to find glue or double-sided tape to stick your photos.
  • The Zoemini S connects to your phone via bluetooth, so no need to look for the cable when you actually decide to print, once the smart device is paired with the printer it just works.
  • You can edit and prepare all your images for print on the app in bulk. Simply ‘print’ them even though you might not be connected to your printer and when you do connect it will print all the images for you then.
  • There is a re-print button on the device that allows you to reprint the previously printed image.
  • You can use the slide switch to either have the flash off, on auto or on (fill).
  • You can set the scale of the photos on the device using the aspect ratio button and indicator.

Canon Zoemini S Review

Minus points

  • Neither the Zoemini C or S have a display screen to check your images before your print if you use the Instant camera function instead of the phone to print option.
  • There is no actual battery indicator on the printer, so if you don’t keep tabs on how many images you have printed rather make sure that it is charged. The printer takes around 120 minutes to charge fully, so make sure that you have it charged before you start using it or take it somewhere to use. (The battery light will change from red to green once it is fully charged and it does not operate whilst charging at all.)
  • I found that there is a slight 1/ 2 second delay from when you press the take image button till when it actually takes the image. So make sure that you don’t try take images of your pets, rather people or things that can keep still for a few seconds.
  • No matter in which light I took images, the ones that I took on my phone and printed instead of using the instant camera function sill looked better.
  • I think I need some practice with this selfie taking!

What the Canon Zoemini S color indicator indicates

  • White: Power on
  • White flashing: Printing / processing / cooling
  • Red flashing: No paper / paper jam / open cover / low battery / other error

Compared to the Instax

Image of the Canon Zoemini S next to the Instax

The only other Instant Camera that I have ever tried is the Instax. So here with a few observations:

  • Lets face it. The Instax looks amazing on Instagram shots (although my white one has started discoloring to off-white, not so ideal…)
  • In terms of size – the Zoemini definitely fits into my handbag easier than the Instax as it is way more compact.
  • When it comes to the image quality I did some comparisons to leave it up to you to decide.

Image quality of Instax vs Canon Zoemini S

The best price for the Zoemini S seems to be around R2 500 online with the standard Zoemini photo printer currently retailing around R2 000 online. I guess the decision you need to make is where you are happy with the quality and the look of the images taken by the instant camera or whether you prefer using your own editing software off your phone or that off the Canon App.

I think that I would still prefer using it for printing of images mostly, but considering that you get the option of using it for printing or an instant camera the R500 might be worth spending extra.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I asked to test out the camera and did not receive any monetary compensation or a camera in exchange.

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