My before and after cupboard reveal with Dezign a Door

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I am beyond excited to reveal the before and after cupboard made by Dezign a Door. Dezign a Door is a local company that manufactures European quality doors at South African prices. Their products are used indoors in various kitchens, bedrooms, bars, studies, bathrooms and other renovations or make overs. I had a dilemma to solve and Dezign a door was able to supply a solution, a pretty solution at that.

The problem

I had a hole in a wall – I literally mean a hole in a wall at our home that I have no idea what it used to be used for. I just put my Narnia cupboard in this space but have wanted a lovilee ‘something’ that was a perfect fit for this space since we moved into our home.

When the lovilees over at Dezign a Door contacted me on a possible collaboration I sent them the image above and they were able to solve my conundrum. I have been squizzing across Pinterest for a while to get some inspiration when one particular image just jumped out at me. It got me thinking of possibly adding a similar cupboard into the space to use as a coffee station or serving area when we entertain guests.

The initial consult with Dezign a Door

I set up a meeting with the Dezign a Door team who met me to discuss the options. I wanted a cupboard similar to the image from Pinterest, but with a similar colour and finish as the doors in my country kitchen. Instead of the Caesarstone tops I opted for a reclaimed Oregon wood top that Orejen is making for me out of re-claimed ceiling beams to match the floors in our house.

Arnold Jardim at Dezign A Door confirmed the appointment beforehand and arrived promptly as organised. He suggested that I keep with the simmetric look of the kitchen cupboards. He did some measurings and chatted about my wants for the space and less than a week later sent me an image to sign off before manufacturing started. The image was totally perfect and spot on with what I had in mind! (Except for my counting of the number of shelves which will be amended to four – mommy vibes) The plans also included the measurements for the cupboard and immediately got me excited!

Dezign a door Cupboard mock-up

What products does Dezign a Door supply?

Their work and finishes ranges from Classic to Ultra Modern Designs based on the client specifications. With over 90 different door styles and well over 100 different finishes your choices are endless.

All of the doors are manufactured using prime A-Grade quality solid timber veneer boards. All solid timber is tested for its moisture content in order to ensure the best stability of the doors on completion. Their factory based in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg offers state-of-the-art machinery that includes CNC cutting, sanding and spraying to finishing ensuring you of the highest standard quality.

Although their product range is made up mostly from doors, their range also includes cornices, light shields; exposed décor panels but also includes any other wooden products necessary to complete a kitchen, study, bedroom or bathroom project.

Dezign a Door High Gloss kitchen

All I now need is to find a pretty wallpaper that I can add to the back of the cupboard. PLEASE leave me with links or comments to have a look at for pretty wallpapers.

Follow the rest of the process and installation process over on Instagram where I will share it in about 2 weeks time before the full reveal over on the blog.

The Big reveal

The rendering of the cupboard that they sent me to approve was 100% that which I received. (I just changed the colour from grey to white last minute – cause that is what I do!)

I am soooooooooo happy with the cupboard. It fits the space perfectly and looks exactly like the image of what I had dreamt this decor piece it to be. Fixing the shelves onto the walls prove a tad more difficult than anticipated as the wall behind the cupboard was very brittle. But the Dezign a Door installation plan came up with a solution and made it work! The result?! You tell me!!!!

Before and After Dezign a door cupboard reveal

The service experience from the Dezign a Door Team

The company usually works on a 6-8 week lead time when it comes to manufacturing your cupboards. What I liked is that I did not have to follow up with them on my product being delivered. They called me to arrange a time for installation and when I could not make the date suggested arranged for a time that suited me well. Their team arrived super organised (me not so much, I was still moving things around). They had all the screws, tools, electric saws and what nots that they needed.

Then we had like a zillion million power failures during the installation day! Throughout it all they remained calm and did what they could when the power was off and the ‘electric’ work whilst the power came back on. They were there to iron out the bits and bobs and do the final touches as well. Friendly and energetic and on time!

Built in cupboard with floating shelves by Dezign a door
Built in cupboard with floating shelves by Dezign a door

The product and finishes

The paintwork on the cupboards are flawless. The team can colour match paint samples that you provide and also supplied me with a small sample of the paint painted on wood before I signed off on the full cupboard. All the paint used on the products are lead-free and their robotic machinery removes human error and guarantees the quality, consistency in the film thickness and brilliance of each paint application. They also guarantee that their colours will stay true and won’t yellow when exposed to UV light.

The company can manufacture cabinet doors in over 70 different styles, they have over 10 internal door styles to choose from that includes solid, semi-sold, high-glass, poli-doors, medium and heavy duty Zenita core wood, curved doors, glass, and drawer fronts. So they are literally able to provide a solution for every room in the house.

From classic to contemporary. You conceptualise it – we manufacture it. We will unlock your décor dreams.

Built in cupboard with floating shelves by Dezign a door

If you are in the market for a new cupboard, new kitchen or bathroom vanity why not get in contact with the lovilees over at Dezign a Door on By contacting them directly as manufacturers of the actual doors and cupboards you could save up to 30%.

Allow me to just share another image of my pretty cupboard!

Built in cupboard with floating shelves by Dezign a door

Thank you to Orejen here in Linden that made the reclaimed Oregon wood top for the cupboard. I also purchased the prittee rose gold handles from them that matches the black ones that I used in my kitchen.

Built in cupboard with floating shelves by Dezign a door
Reclaimed Oregon top by Orejen Linden as well as rose gold cupboard handles

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post according to my disclaimers and disclosures, but as always my honest opinion. I received the cupboard in exchange for a review of the ordering and manufacturing process to detail my experience with Dezign a Door.

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