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Review: Pure Beginnings Organic Baby products

The lovilees over at Pure Beginnings sent me some of their organic baby products to try out. The first product was their brand new baby chest rub that has just arrived on shelves. Then a 0-3 year flouride free toothpaste in a berry flavour for the princess and a 3+ year toothpaste in a vanilla mint flavour. So here with my Pure Beginnings review.

Pure beginnings organic toothpaste

The organic toothpastes
Offcourse I had to taste the interesting flavours of these toothpastes. Loved both, but the real test was what my kids thought about it. The princess (19 months) is addicted to brushing teeth and we just have to watch out as she gets the pastes open and tries to ‘drink’ them. I really like the paste tube design. It is not as easy for her to open and make a big mess with as it has a screw cap. It tastes YUM and the princess did not mind the new flavour at all, still super keen to get her teeth looking pretty and shiny. This paste is safe to swallow as the spitting out is not yet happening.

I asked manny (aged 6) whether he liked the new toothpaste, he LOVED the monkeys on the tube and asked me what flavour the paste is. When I told him that it was Vanilla Mint he looked at me very confused ‘How is that possible?’. Which was way too difficult for me to explain, but he now insists we brush with the monkey toothpaste.

Pure beginnings organic toothpaste

The chest rub
First let me tell you, I LOVE the smell of the chest rub. I only know 2 other brands of chest rub that I have used but this one smells a whole lot different. It has Eucalyptus and Lavendar in and is easy to spread and does not seem to leave any oil stains on the clothes! YAY as this was my irritation with the other kids rub that I used to use. Just beware… Kids fingers in the pot = mess. so use and put away! This product really helped open up the princess’ chest over the past two weeks as she has a couch and runny nose happening. (definitely purchasing this one again)

Pure Beginnings natural chestrub

Who is Pure Beginnings?

Pure Beginnings is South Africa’s first Ecocert certified organic baby and kids range that has been making organic products for over 10 years already. Their products are not tested on animals (Beauty Without Cruelty) and they are Vegan and Phytotrade Africa accredited (which means the ingredients are sustainably sourced).

The Superfruit – Baobab is a key ingredient in the Pure Beginnings Baby range. Baobab has a many anti-oxidants as goji berries and more calcium than milk. It has more iron than red meat, more potassium than a banana, and more magnesium than spinach. Some of the ingredients that they love to use in their products include coconut oil, calming Chamomile, Aloe extract, Marula oil and Xylitol to name a few. Each of the products in their baby range is associated with an animal persona. There is Mo Mozzie, Bella the Bird, Cedric the Crocodile, Ruby the Rhino, Ollie the Owl and Max & Minky the Monkeys.

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby range

The toothpaste and chest rub is not the only products in the Pure Beginnings baby collection. They also have a teething gel that I am definitely keen to try (a family sleeping big time from sleep depro at the mo), probiotic sensitive cream wash and cream, a soothing baby wash and shampoo, Baby lotion, baby oil, bum cream as well as biodegradable baby wipes. There is also an insect repellant and hand wash in the range. See the full baby range and kids range.

Pure Beginnings organic toothpaste

Pure Beginnings Family range

In the family organic range there is a fresh mint toothpaste, shave cream, Eco roll on, bodywash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

Pure Beginnings believes in keeping yskin as pure as the day you were born. We provide effective, certified organic skin care products that care for your skin and the environment, giving you peace of mind from the beginning.

Where can you purchase Pure Beginnings products?

I was surprised to see how well priced these producs are. You can view all the prices on the Pure Beginnings website and also purchase the products on their site direct. You can also see a full list of stockists on their website.

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