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Succulent Book wedding table number DIY

Alicia Watkins, one of our lovilee readers tied the knot at the Moon and Sixpence. Their wedding was captured by Jack and Jane Photography. Alicia shared this lovilee Succulent book Wedding table number DIY with us.

This tutorial ties in so well with our ‘Green’ wedding week as you can make use of succulents from your garden, and re-plant them in your garden afterwards.

Succulent Book wedding table number DIY
Succulent Book wedding table number DIY

What you will need?

  • Secondhand hardcover books
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Set of printed numbers cut out on paper used for templates
  • Table list printed the size of a page for the inside cover of the book
  • Create a page that repeats the table number (e.g. two two two…) that will be used to cover the polystyrene cut out.
  • Book page image of the side of a book.
  • Polystyrene
  • Cheese wire {to cut the polystyrene with}
  • Craft Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Charms
  • Potting soil
  • Small succulents

Succulent Book wedding table number DIY

How to make your own?

  1. Remove all the pages from the hardcover books as only the covers will be used.
  2. Paint the outside book cover to match the décor (and remember to also paint the trim on the inside of the book)
  3. Choose a font that you’d like to use for the numbers on your computer (a thicker number works best) and print the numbers out on normal printing paper.
  4. If you’d like to add bookmarks to the book, add them now, before the polystyrene gets glued. They used ribbons and charms.
  5. Cut pieces of polystyrene to match the thickness and size of the book (all the polystyrene cutting was done with thin cheese wire attached to current, the heat melts the polystyrene and gives it a smooth finish).
  6. Trace the number template in the center of the polystyrene and then cut it out.
  7. Stick the polystyrene cut-out number to the book (make sure the glue does not dissolve the polystyrene).
  8. Paste the table list on the inside cover of the book.
  9. Cut the page with the repeating table number out, so that it can cover up the polystyrene, remembering to use the number template to cut out a number again. Glue it on.
  10. Stick the image of the book pages to the sides of the polystyrene.
  11. Modge podge everything to seal the book and make it waterproof.
  12. Plant succulents in the number cut out, do this at least a month in advance so that the plants can settle (I found that normal or potting soil, not sand, works best).
  13. Water the plants once a week carefully so that the book is not soaked.

Succulent book table numbers
Succulent Book wedding table number DIY

Every table of our seating plan was unique, some had the numbers on the left while others were on the right. The bookmarks and background images also differed. An alternative to the instructions above would be to cut through the actual pages of the book. Sticking them together afterwards and sealing them using modge podge, should you not want to try and cut the polystyrene.

Succulent Book wedding table number DIY
Succulent Book wedding table number DIY
Succulent Book wedding table number DIY

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