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Anella Wedding Shoes – comfy, stylish wedding shoes

You might think me crazy, but I bought my wedding shoes long before I had my dress figured. Although I didn’t pay much attention at the time, I was grateful that my shoes ended up being comfy as I spent way more time on my feet than I had initially anticipated. And, I still use my shoes today!

Photographer Jacques Lloyd from Real Simple Photography introduced me to Anella Wedding Shoes. A lot of the brides he photographed showed off their stylish shoes and were impressed at how comfy they were throughout their special day. I contacted Hanel Appelby, owner own Anella and got some expert tips and advice from her to share with you.

Anella Wedding shoes photographed by Real Simple Photography

The person behind the brand
Shoes keep me busy morning noon and night! no seriously.. Firstly, I am a wife to my gorgeous husband Clark, and a mamma to our beautiful soon to be 3 year old little girl, Zhanna. I was born in Zimbabwe, traveled and worked around the world for 7 years. Had my own beauty salon for 3 years – so have always been passionate about making people feel good about themselves. I believe I live every day as if its my last. I try and count my blessings daily. I used to love singing with my mom who was a professional gospel singer. She has been my inspiration in many ways. I love staying healthy, keeping fit, working hard and playing hard. I am a family girl who hopes every girl wearing Anella has a blessed an happy married life.

Why the fuss about shoes?
Wedding shoes are the new fashion statement for every bride-to-be. Gone are the days, where the shoes play second fiddle to the gown. Brides are playing it up with the latest trends! Unless it’s a beach wedding, a bride cannot simply go barefoot and needs to slip on something stylish for her big day. Still many women choose a pair as an after-thought, but selecting suitable shoes go a long way to keep both feet and bride happy throughout the day. There are various factors to consider when getting the perfect pair, such as comfort, design and the height of the heel.

For Anella, comfort is of prime importance, although some women are willing to forgo that for vanity. All brides would want to look stunning from head to toe and enjoy their ceremony, minus the agony of having blisters at the end of the day.

How was the company born?
After my husband proposed, I had three months to find the perfect wedding shoes. I had everything in place, but I just could not find the right wedding shoes anywhere! Having walked every shopping mall and every bridal shop possible, I realised bridal shoes are hard to find! So in exasperation, I decided to source my dream shoes myself, which I did, and now I can make them available to you too.

And there began my love and appreciation for what has now become my dream come true, to help brides and debutantes step into their destiny wearing exquisite shoes. Anella Wedding shoes are manufactured by the largest bridal shoe company in the world, therefore we ensure your shoes are of top quality and crafted for absolute comfort. Although imported, they are manufactured according to our specifications for the SA market.

What’s trending?

  • WEDGE: Many brides in South Africa are getting married outdoors on grass, decking or uneven surfaces. Whilst often only offering a very narrow wedge, it might give you a bit of an edge on an uneven surface or a lawn so your heels don’t sink.
  • BLING BLING: still a hot favourite – as a little sparkle just catches the eye, as well as lights up the room as you dance the night away.
  • PEEP-TOES: Current popular designs are peep-toes with either lace, flower details or Swarovski crystal embellishment.
  • PLATFORMS: A favorite with the shorter brides, needing extra height. A platform offers extra support, and actually very comfortable… a definite option with the next generation brides.
  • COLOR: In terms of colour, I do feel most brides are going for the classical all white or off-white colours for their gowns and shoes.
  • BALLET PUMPS: In all the colors of the rainbow, with ribbons and bows on the front. Play around, custom design them according to your dress. A comfortable safe option, ensuring the bride is able to enjoy every moment in pure comfort.
  • PRACTICAL OPTIONS: Value for money is also a major consideration for every brides wallet, therefore Anella Wedding Shoes offer the “dye them black after the wedding” option, to ensure you can where you satin bridal shoes for many years after your big day!

Tips on buying and wearing wedding shoes

  • Start your shoe shopping early! You need your shoes for your dress fittings. Your hem can’t be done without the correct shoes. Otherwise the length of your gown will be different.
  • Consider your venue. You may want an open toe shoe for an outdoor wedding or a closed toe for an indoor wedding.
  • Consider the colour of your gown when deciding on your shoes – e.g. White or Ivory.
  • Remember the height of your fiance’, you won’t want to tower over him if you buy a too high a heel.
  • Wear your shoes around the house a few times before the wedding (try dancing in them) you will want them to be comfortable on the wedding day. So by wearing them in a little they will be.
  • You may at times only see the front of your wedding shoe, but you will lift the hem to walk. People will see your shoes, so a little detail is interesting.
  • Consider the price of the shoes. You may think you will re colour them after the wedding, but you may change your mind. They were brought to be your wedding shoes.

How to get your own pair of Anella Wedding Shoes?
You can either place your order on-line or get in touch via email to get referred to a stockist in your area.

For more information or to view more of the shoes visit or follow Anella Wedding Shoes on Facebook.

Image credits: Real Simple Photography, Tyme Photography, Michelle Photography, Jaco Viljoen Photography, Anella Wedding Shoes

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