How to bring the minimalism trend into your wedding

Couples often opt for the other end of the scale to a minimalist wedding. With so many newlyweds choosing to go big and bold on their big days, consider making a statement by doing the complete opposite.

Here’s just a few tips on how to bring the minimalism wedding trend into your special day.

How to bring the minimalism trend into your wedding

1. The wedding invitations

Your wedding begins with sending out the invites, so be sure to indicate a minimalist theme with their design. Keep it simple, short and sweet – with a focus on typography, keep the colours to a minimum. Black and white with infusions of gold or silver work well in suggesting a minimalist elegance.

This is the perfect way to establish the minimalist feel, as well as sending an implicit request to your guests to keep it understated with their outfits. Perhaps request a colour scheme should you really want it as understated and co-ordinated as possible.

Minimalist Wedding invitation

2. Strip your wedding dress back to basics

If you’re opting for a minimalist vibe for your big day, it’s important to consider the dress you wear. Don’t make it too extravagant or garish – it will stand out, but in a bad way. Choose something more casual and flowy that makes for an understated look.

In terms of colours, why not consider black and white? It is a great way to achieve the minimalistic effect – as well as being a striking combination. With a white dress and black suit, you’ll blend perfectly into your presumably understated surroundings, retaining the minimalism you’re striving for.

shutterstock wedding image minimalist wedding

3. Consider an understated wedding venue

Opt for a plain room with opportunity to decorate – if you’re trying to achieve a minimalist wedding look, this might be the best option. Opt for whites, with some small flourishes around the room. Perhaps drape the chairs in white cloth to really strip it back whilst making an impression.

Or, why not consider an outdoor wedding? A natural setting such as a garden would lay the perfect foundation for a minimalist wedding. So long as the forestry isn’t too dense or distracting, you’ll have the perfect backdrop to build upon without it being too overbearing.

shutterstock wedding image minimalist wedding

4. Consider blacks, whites and greys

Although colours have already been mentioned, it’s necessary to reinstate the importance of sticking to neutrals. Black and white is the common choice and perhaps the only way to achieve an effective minimalistic theme; perhaps infuse the day with floral patterns and gold/silver flourishes where you can to add something understated.

Everything from the setup of the tables to the wedding cake can be transformed to fit the look of your day. For the latter, consider a naked cake or one simply covered in white frosting, with perhaps some touches of details to make it uniquely you.

5. Use organic decorations

Although you’re keeping things colour neutral, it’s interesting to put little flecks of natural colour and decoration within certain things during the day. Consider little vases of flowers, some burning candles and other small bits of detail to add to the minimalism without ruining it.

A minimalist wedding, despite the easiness of it, is largely skipped over by many couples. However, if you want to make an impact without neccesarily the large costs, this could be the way to do it.

shutterstock wedding image minimalist wedding

Do you have any tips of your own for a minimalist wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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