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Clay Creative Challenge and Air Dry clay DIY trinket

This month is a ‘Create with Clay’ Creative Challenge. I find playing with clay very relaxing. I remember doing pottery classes every Friday afternoon at School and took the art form up again when Michelle who previously ran this challenge challenged us to pottery and sculpting. When I fell pregnant I gave it up as the morning sickness really ended up being all day. This month I decided that it might be a great opportunity to re-do this challenge, but broaden it to any type of clay.

Lauren got me into this Air dry clay DIY craze when she shared the clay bunny tutorial earlier this year as part of our Bunny / Easter theme. I have been having much fun playing clay with my five year old since then.

Clay creative challenge bunnies

Lauren also shared these air dry clay DIY plant markers with us. See the article here.

Clay Creative challenge plant markers

Air dry clay DIY trinket

Note that I did the project over a course of three days as you have to allow the clay to dry completely before painting.

Create with Clay Creative Challenge and Air Dry clay trinket DIY
Create with Clay Creative Challenge and Air Dry clay trinket DIY

What you will need?

  • Air Dry clay
  • Plastic container as mould
  • Sharp knife
  • Jar of water
  • Craft paint of your choice or sharpie pens
  • Paint brush
  • Clear varnish
  • Paint brush for the varnish

How to?

  1. Roll a piece of clay into a ball and flatten it somewhat with your hand.
  2. Place the clay into the middle of the container that you want to use as mould and start working from the middle outward pressing the clay in an upwards motion to fill the mould.
  3. The clay should be at least 0.5cm thick to allow it to be sturdy enough for a trinket bowl. you can cut the pieces that overlap the sides of the bowl off with a sharp knife.
  4. Wet your fingertips and run them around the edges of the clay to smoothen them out.
  5. Wait for the clay to dry completely before trying to remove it from the bowl.
  6. You can now paint patterns on the bowl or use a sharpie pen to draw on it.
  7. Once the paint is completely dry you can apply a coat of transparent sealer or varnish.

Air Dry clay trinket DIY
Air Dry clay trinket DIY

What do you think of my clay trinket? It is the perfect place to store some jewellery!

Thank you to everyone that took part in last months’ soft toy challenge, there were some really cute submissions. You can submit images of your projects or ask questions to the Creative Challenge Facebook Group or on Instagram using the hashtag #lovileecraft.

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