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Traditional vs Modern Wedding Anniversary gifts (Updated)

When it comes to anniversaries especially Wedding Anniversary gifts I always seem to run out of ideas. I decided to share my take on this gifting with my list of Traditional vs Modern Wedding Anniversary gifts ideas (that I will forward to my hubby as well, even though our anniversary is only at the start of July.)

Traditional Wedding anniversary gifts

And now for some Modern Wedding gift ideas from some local South African suppliers

1 year: Paper
Get a custom wall location art piece custom designed by Metacraft. This is a lovilee piece of wall art to remember your wedding location or other significant milestone that happened in your relationship or marriage.

Geolocation art by Metacraft - Image by Hello Love Photography

The alternative? Decorate your bedroom with a lovilee and bold new designer wallpaper from Clinton Friedman. I am head over heels with this Black and white curiosities wallpaper in their online decor store.

Clinton Friendman Curiosities wallpaper

2 years: Cotton
This one has to be one of my favourites… Celebrate your second wedding anniversary with some really pretty cotton bedding or cotton pillow cases from Sixth floor on!

Superbalist - Black piping duvet set

The alternative is to get some his and hers Cotton Turkish Towels. If you have not yet read my review on these you can do so in this link.

The Cotton Company Turkish Towel from Orejen photo by Carike Ridout Photography

3 years: Leather
Eeek! favourite number TWO! Anything leather from Ilundi will do. Their ranbow colored totes to choose from, or just a handbag. This will literally last you a lifetime and it a lovilee keepsake.

Ilundi soft leather tote bag in sage

You can also opt for a beautiful cow hide rug from Weylandts. They literally have the most beautiful and unique cow hides available in South Africa.

4 years: Fruit & Flowers or Linen & Silk
A green wall installation by Distinctive Designs or any of their quality silk flowers is a great option that will stand the test of time. They installed a pretty awesome green wall at my home as well as a hedge that leave my guests impressed.

Green wall installation by Distinctive Spaces

You’d be surprised how far a simple bunch of flowers can go to say that you love someone. Make your own or buy some.

Wedding Bouquet by Carike Ridout Photography

5 years: Wood
I had to think a bit about this one… But a new and updated bed or bedroom pedestals just make sense. It is something that you can live with your whole life. I am head over heels with the new poster beds from Weylandts so that can definitely be on the list!

Weylandts bed

Or a unsealed Oak love seat to spend some time together from Oak love Seat

6 years: Iron / Candy
What a weird combination… My first pick would be something from Pedersen Lennard. Maybe a new dining room table?

Pedersen+Lennard Fairlegs Table captured by Lad & Lass photography

What Candy is sweeter than Honey?! Get some Simply Honey from Simply Granola!

Simply Honey from Simply Granola

7 years: Wool / Copper
A local, custom, handmade rug by the lovilee Jonette Schoeman from Greyroom. I had one made for my guest room and it is prettiness overload! Similar to the one below.

Greyroom handmade rugs

8 years: Bronze
Rialheim has a huge (and pretty) collection of ceramic bronze objects. Pop over to their store or supplier to get some bronze pretties for your home.

Rialheim Africa Heart Light

9 years: Pottery
Anything from Klomp Ceramics please!

Klomp Ceramics 'Every Day range' dinner set

10 years: Tin / Aluminum
I would definitely add a PS cabinet from IKEA, available locally through in red or white. I have one in our entrance hall and fall in love with it more and more everyday.

White PS cabinet from Ikea

Another idea is to get a savings tin and to start saving for your next overseas trip!

Do you and your other half follow the traditional gift ideas or how do you celebrate each milestone?! I’d love to hear your comments below!

Thumbnail image of Couple in love by Kitja Kitja via

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  1. My husband got me a special gift certificate (paper) for an anniversary sundial (a cool clock that uses the sun) and did both traditional and modern 1st anniversary gifts in one! I thought he was pretty clever doing that, but the sundial was wonderful – it is made of glass and sits on the windowsill indoors in our family room, and it makes beautiful rainbows in the room whenever the sun shines. It also has a personalized date line that the time shadow follows on our anniversary day each year, and a special mark on that line at 4:30 pm that the time shadow touches at the moment we got married. I don’t remember what it’s called but you can find it online with a search, and last year our housekeeper got one for her parents and had it sent to India! I thought it was a brilliant idea!

    • Kari

      O my goodness, this sounds like a wonderful gift!!! I will have to Google it now

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